Prydain Publishing: Bright ripples in a dark pool by Michael Coleman

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Bright Ripples in a Dark Pool  by Michael Coleman

5 The short story is a great way to tell a tale – it is akin to a pencil sketch – which often delivers a more satisfying image than a much labored over oil painting on canvas. The Short Story has a spiritual home in Ireland and these stories have a hint of that spirit running through them, though they are universal in the emotions and situations they portray. These are tales about lives. Mainly fictional, though a couple are based on real event. Every reader will find an emotional connection somewhere within this small collection. It has a little of everything; stories which are funny, some tragic, a bit of horror and some are – just delightful. Life is full of morals – perhaps there are morals worth considering inside this small collection. Michael O’Brien of O’Brien Press Dublin said of him – “he writes well, it is intriguing and it is hard to tell the fact from the fiction”.

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Reader Reviews:

By Annie D. on 7 Oct 2014

Format: Paperback

If, like myself, you are a lover of the short story, then you are in for a treat with this wonderful collection from Belfast author Michael Coleman. In the first story “A Fable”, the author brings a new and clever perspective to a well loved classic that at times is reminiscent of Joyce or Woolf, lending itself at times to an almost “stream of consciousness” style. In “Friend Or Foe” we are at war, the author catching the reader up in the conflict along with the protagonists, which is in turns brilliantly hopeful and horribly shocking. “God’s Hands” is a wonderful science fiction tale, the main character Ian reminding me of a modern day Victor Frankenstein, a story I would love the author to expand on. “The Bedroom” and “A Little Boy” are both beautifully written and deeply moving stories filled with wonderfully descriptive and sympathetic narrative. “Fook” is a great shot of Northern Irish comedy, shining a refreshingly humourous light on what is usually a dark subject, while the titular story “Bright Ripples In A Dark Pool” is an emotional yet atmospheric tale of love, loss and hope.
I loved this collection of short fiction, full of strong characters and plots that were in turn comic, surreal, dark and heartwarming and I hope the author will deliver us more of the same, and soon!

By Dara on 20 Dec 2012

Format: Kindle Edition

My favourite story was “Scéal 3 – God’s Hands”. A graphic, enthralling and poetic account of the god syndrome with a deep message for everyone.  I would recommend this collection to people aged 15/16 and above. There’s a cutting Irish edge and wit throughout the stories that makes this enjoyable from start to finish.
By sjk on 27 Dec 2012

Format: Kindle Edition

The descriptions used have you right there with the characters. A fantastic read I highly recommend it to everyone and I’ll be keeping an eye out for Michael’s next book!

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